Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No More Heroes 2 - Dev Diary

No TV ads, no magazine ads, nothing. I can't believe how Ubisoft can expect to make any money on a game that they don't advertise. This game is actually one that deserves it too, not just another "Rabbids" game. Well, word of mouth was what sold No More Heroes 1 (half a million); so I guess it will have to happen again for part 2. Half a million words of mouth? If you ask me, that is truly hardcore right there.


Anonymous said...

yes and no more heros on 360 i bet that gets prime time adverts so it outsells wii version of NMH2 remember ubisoft have gone on record saying less wii support if they dont advertise a sequel over a offshoot on the HD consoles im gonna make myself heard im sick of it i cant help but think ubisoft are trying to make the wii fail instead of giving it equal treatment and let the best console win kind of thing look huge adverts on a game like this wow 2-3 million worldwide full stop if ubisoft want to miss out on an extra 40 million thats there problem as long as i get the game i dont care and NMH3 is wii2 2012 i predict so yeah im happy but adverts are needed

Metaldave said...

They better not advertise the first game on 360/PS3, that would be a huge slap in the face. At least the Wii is getting the (most likely) better sequel regardless of the non existent advertising.

predator said...

I'm buying this the first day it comes out here in merry old England. I got the first one and thought it was one of the best games on wii.