Thursday, December 03, 2009

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories - trailer montage

Was that song made for the game? I really don't know, but it sounds very fitting and not half bad. This is a nice trailer that really shows that this is a quality title with a lot of attention to detail.


Travis Hendricks said...

This is one of only 2 Wii games I'm asking for this Christmas. I can't wait to actually sit down and play this game. Playing it at E3 was so great yet so unexciting at the same time.

It was awesome to get a real feel for the controls and flashlight aiming (it rocks) but it sucked because the show floor is so loud and this game needs quiet.

Can't wait.

XidZen said...

IGN gives 8.6.
Why they not giving 9 to Wii games?
The only cons was that Shattered Memories is too short(6hrs).
When they makeing review of game for HD platform they didnt gives bad score when it haves 6hrs of gameplay. Most of modern games are too short. Silent Hill on Wii is really well done -great vo, stunning graphics, great gameplay and most important good controls.
No weapons for me are the huge plus of this game. That reminds me Call of Chtulhu:DCotE first levels when you just need to run- "Attack of the fisherman".