Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers - launch trailer

Regardless of how much this game has taken a hit in terms of the reviews, I'm still going to try it out. The story looks fun and it's seems to be a nice change of pace when compared to the grind of traditional FF games.


Anonymous said...

This is a dark age for RPG's.

Ahem... Sorry for being too dramatical but it's true.

Unlike the previous generations, RPG games used to be considered an important genre. These days? Not so much.

Look at the recent Spike VGA show or pick up any gaming magazine. It seems that gaming these days is dominated by FPS. Even Resident Evil (RE5) became a freakin' shooter and everyone was happy that it did.

Go to youtube and look up videos made by some gaming nerds that deal with their top 10 games for the "next-gen" console of their choice (PS3 or Xbox 360) and you will see them posting only FPS. In fact, you got them boasting that their console has the best online shooting experience and whatnot. And developers build their games with that experience in mind. The solo mode is usually short and poorly developed.

So when an RPG game comes along and tries to shake things up (like The Crystal Bearers does), the response from the magazines and sites that have embraced FPS as their genres of choice, is predictably negative. It’s like they go “Oh, please don’t bother us with these RPG crap. Especially not when it tries to be innovative. Call us when the real Final Fantasy game comes out. Until then, we’ll be busy playing MW2”.

Maybe Square-Enix will deliver a FF shooter next time around just to keep their franchise with the times.

Biohazard said...

"Maybe Square-Enix will deliver a FF shooter next time around just to keep their franchise with the times."

They have, it's called Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII, which isn't a FPS, but a pretty standard third-person shooter where it features one of the characters from the ever whored-out Final Fantasy VII universe.