Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - video review

How many of you are picking this game up today? It may not be Resident Evil 5 or a "normal" RE game, but at least Capcom has gone on record saying that Resident Evil 5 can be done now on the Wii due to the graphics alone in Darkside Chronicles. I'm going to be picking it up myself.


Anonymous said...

I will get it. If only because it now seems like Capcom might deliver RE5 to the Wii next year. There has been so much talk about that within Capcom.

So if Darkside Chronicles does well enough (sells at least as good as Umbrella Chronicles), Capcom will have no choice but to make another RE game for the Wii.

I know that that's a gamble since they might just make another Chronicles sequel. However, the chances that it might be RE5 are greater now than ever since Capcom knows that is the game Wii owners always wanted since day one.

The Wii version of RE5 could even be similar to the special edition PS3 version currently being developed. Who knows.

In anycase, Darkside Chronicles seems to be a quality game despite it's on-rails gameplay. Plus the story element is said to be well above the average. So I'll buy it alright.

gameon said...

Hey man, long time no talk. I think that this game does look pretty amazing and I hope that I can buy it in the very near future.

I don't mind that this title is an on rails shooter and think that this type of genre would work perfectly for RE (Look how nice it was in the previous title).

I am praying that this game sees decent sales and will be eager to see how well it preforms. Have a good day buddy!

Metaldave said...

Hey Gary Gameon! How is your site going for you? I see you're still updating everyday which is nice. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

Anonymous said...

looks great including graphics....

screw resident evil 5, give us a old school resident evil game with a resident evil 4 camera and wm+ controls

it would own

r4i card said...

This game is never intended to be a shooter. It's an action adventure game. So don't judge it based on that.