Monday, November 23, 2009

Final Fantasy CC: The Crystal Bearers - video preview

The game looks great though I can't say that I like hearing Bozon's dare he show himself after that horrible review of Modern Warfare on Wii. I've been playing that game so much and it is without a doubt the most addictive FPS on the Wii and the best. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said...

I think your right!!!

Anonymous said...

yes but 50 people and 6 months to do the port and they do this shows that with a huge team more money and resources more dev time games would be more successful than 360/ps3 combined im getting sick of this lets abandon the wii bullshot by publishers hardly any have even tried a extreme high budget game why dont we get 300 people working on a triple AAA title with a 2-3 year dev cycle on wii from like EA,ACTIVISION,SEGA,capcom have at least done a triple AAA title in Monster Hunter 3 and its sold 1.3 million in japan alone if thats not proof that a high budget game can sell i dont know plus Capcom have big plans for advertising lots of money has been put aside for extensive marketing thats going to be ongoing in the west plus capcom are bringing MT framework to wii for cross platform games ect EA make gimped versions of NFS,FIFA 10,ect and then go on record saying the wii isnt doing as well as we thought try not turning the games into something uninspiring and dated in graphics ect the wii is like 2-3 times more power than xbox/gamecube its a fact but if most pubs just wants to pretend that only HD consoles can do next gen graphics is a joke next gen graphics in my eyes is investment more than power PS2 did games like GT4 ect gamecube did rogue squadron3/RE4 these games took commitment and money thats why they do well now if devs could just take note at least next year we will get lots of AAA games

Anonymous said...

MWR is certainly the best FPS on Wii.

The Conduit is smoother overall and more polished graphics wise, but Reflex just destroys it in all other aspects.