Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Call of Duty:Modern Warfare Reflex - gameplay videos

These are some early portions of the game. If you've played Call of Duty 4 on the PC or HD systems you'd know that this looks almost identical to them minus some shadows and minor details. Looks amazing on the Wii.

* update* It seems the Activision police have been at it again and have removed the nice videos of this game from Youtube. Just give it up Activision, it’s too late to try to keep this game secret; it comes out tomorrow!

*update # 2* I've added another video that hopefully Activision won't take down since the game was officially released this morning. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Seeing this angers me only because it proves they could've done a scaled down version of Modern Warfare 2 for Wii. Instead Wii gets a 2 year old game.

Biohazard said...

Luckily, I have managed to take a peek at the Wii version before they were all taken down by Activision. All I have to say is that Treyarch needs to get the rest of the load on the Call of Duty series for the Wii because no one can port better than them.

Even with all the hate they've been getting since Call of Duty 3, these guys should be commended for pulling so much weight.

Anonymous said...

Currently the PC crowd is trying to boycott Infinity Ward's MW2 due to the fact that they're getting a stripped down version of said game (they removed all the features that allows for user created content plus no dedicated servers). There is a petition with thousands of signatures on it already.

Any mention of the petition at the official site's forums gets deleted.

Anyway, I told those guys that the best way to hit back at Infinity Ward is if they boycott MW2 AND go out and buy CoD:MW Reflex for the Wii (the game Activision AND Infinity Ward are trying to keep in the dark). Doesn't matter if they don't own a Wii. They can buy it and later exchange it for some other PC game or whatever.

Anonymous said...

this was impossible according to infantry ward they clearly were trying to bullshit gamers into thinking so
the blatant anti Nintendo standpoint with 3rd party's that all Nintendo fans can see seems to be opening others eyes now

activition are deliberately trying to get poor sales to justify wii as not relevant its a blatant trolling of Nintendo by EA ACTIVITION ETC

yet wen a big core game is made well it always seems to sell there still myth making wen it comes to wii .....

activition and infantry should both commend this port instead there trying to hide it and troll Nintendo and wii


Anonymous said...

im getting i cannot ""wii fps"" vibs from IGN preview!!, clear prehistoric pad fan boy-ing going on.... lol

just shows what wii chip set could do if evolved again a sd and hd wii just maybe......

XidZen said...

Thats fucking ridiculous! Bozon(from IGN) gives that game 7 and says the IR control is broken :D He gives bad score becouse his name isnt in credits?
That game imho is the best Wii FPS it easly beats Conduit in online and WaW in graphics.
Hope this guy gets fired after that.