Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Should Nintendo lower the price of the Wii?

The Wii has been out for about 3 years now all without a hint of tarnish or sign of a price cut anywhere. Some squawkers have started to come out of the wood work and have gone on to say that the Wii not only needs a price cut but that it desperately needs it. Now, did I miss something here? Has the Wii actually been outsold since launch on a month to month basis in the States? Granted the last few months have been slower for the Wii and Wii Sports Resort didn't spark any hardware sales for the system either. Taking that into consideration, the Wii is still managing to outsell the next runner up (360) by over 50k a month. If Nintendo really wants to put a new spark into Wii sales, all they have to do is this:

Just release the Black Wii for crying out loud and be done with this price cut blah blah talk. You might not think that changing the color to black alone would be enough to boost sales all the way up to the 400-450k a month range again, but it really can. The reason? The Wii has only had one look since launch and everyone knows it's white. Now just shake the perception up and there you have an instant attention grabber.

I think Nintendo will do just what their third party developers have been guilty of doing: "test the waters". They will release the Black Wii and not lower the price but sit back and watch and see how much of an impact it has on sales. If the Black Wii doesn't spark sales (which it most definitely will) then Nintendo will have no problem lowering that price to $199.99 and calling it a day. So what do you guys think? Just change the color, or lower the price and change the color? If you asked me about it; lowering the price just because the Wii is not outselling(!) the other systems at the same rate as it used to is not a good enough reason to do it.

What I can tell you is that when the Wii finally does have it's price lowered; it will become the only console in history to be on the market for at least 3 years before having a price cut. I think that's pretty damned impressive don't you?


Anonymous said...

i would buy black wii straight away if they did an elite or something simular where it upscaled picture quality to 576p wow that would be even better

Anonymous said...

ill post what i posted at wii devinitive speculation......simple answer """"!!!!NO!!!!"""""


Sony have not merely lowered there price and tried to cut costs with the cheap azzed tacky looking ps3 slim....

they have shown there desperation and ps3 is on its last legs drinking at the last chance saloon


sony have effectively mini re-released the ps3 and are trying to RED OCEAN IT INTO PEOPLES HOMES why i don't know because the red ocean approach that the ps3 is hasn't worked ps3 has flopped along side all the other flopping departments of sony OUCH .....

it plays movie the advert screams

its bluray the advert screams

it downloads shock horror really how wowzzer

it goes online wickedy wicked wuppzzziseee dudar

all for 299.99 wow weee

but who gets sucked into SAVVY marketing only RED OCEAN SONY FANS SONYS CORE MARKET and guess who the new add campain is aimed at



red ocean marketing and over specs and a hyped bluray THAT WAS THE PS3 BUSINESS PLAN AND IT FLOPPED

so sonys answer was more red ocean advertising and a small price cut at the expence of the thing geting a tacky cheap build down grade and a expencive rush to 45nm chips

sony are red oceaning hard core marketing them self's OUT OF EXISTENCE......

theres no new gen there theres no wow the mass market can see or want its just a black box and a dualshock that operate via a movie format disc


theres nothing new gen or mass market about the device theres no innovation ether its just MORE OF THE GOD DAMED SAME SONY ZHIT.....

ps3 slim is the act of a desperate corporation as is pspGO ...

many many price drops and re-bundles for both ps3 and xbox 360 also many many hard-drive sizes

has resulted in ,,next to no sales increase at all vs the dominant wii

if wii continues to outsell both other systems globally from release to this date with out price drops as the competition lowers prices and re bundles like crazy

THEN HOW DID ANY JERK OFF come to the idea wii needs a fast price drop


people are looking at the price as if it needs to be inline with birdmen thinking

just because sonys pricing its self into extintion and micrsoft wastes billions and billions fighting the set top box war

does that mean nintendo should do the same thing UTTER HOG WASH GET A GRIP FOR GODS SAKE

keeping the price stable keeps the desired product image going

as x360 and ps3 look like desperate whores selling it cheap for crack

wii is the classy whore getting payed big money my business men in hotels just to get a foot wank and a flash of thigh

wii walks away head high dignefied and a hand full of cash

sony and micrsoft mouth wash cum out of there mouths in back alleys after a 10 buck blow job

x360s disastrous build quality hasnt gone unnoticed and sonys hype and lies at last (thank the gods) hasnt gone unnoticed ether

ps3 ps2 psp xbox x360 gamecube etc ARE OLD GEN OLD FLESH OLD CULTURE

Wii and DS DSi are new gen new flesh new culture untill that penny drops in D'morons head

thell never learn to think like the mighty wiiboy101 formally cubeboy101 (mii)

or malstorm who writes the amassing disruption articles

do you really want to know what is happening well tap the links i supply and actually read them from top to bottom

what will happen is not unlike a girl saved from a cult she will be de-programmed by a expert

think of the following articles as de programming from sonys and 3rd partys and jurnos and analists


Anonymous said...

480p is 60 frames 576p is 50 frames pal theres next to no difference as one is 60 frames slightly less resolution
the other 50 frames but slightly more res thers no point but you could render at say 576p 60 frames then display on hd tvs scalled as haze on ps3 does this and cod waw etc use 600p 60 frames then scaled to 720p

720p tvs 90% of them actually display at 768p not 720p

i think wii+ could be optermized for 768p/1080p tvs and use high performance scalling so games can be native 480p to 720p but always look great on 768p and above tvs

Anonymous said...

It's about time that Nintendo release their Wii 1.5 (HD). Sony and 360 are catching on quick with their versions of motion sensing. Although weak sensing is a big issue, We must 'give a big hand' to Nintendo teams as they are leading the gaming scene yet again with a new game play novelty which capture so many causal gamers. Instead of Fanboy's criticism on Wii, we should thank the Big N for expanding the market base hence gaming industry will never be the same again in the coming future.

Metaldave said...

You think that Sony and Microsoft are catching on quick with the motion sensing stuff?

I think it's more like following the leader because they don't have a choice.

Anonymous said...

I don't think their eyetoys will catch on, they may cost upward of a hundred dollars and dont come as standard like the remote and nunchuk do and since theres been no live demonstrations I dont think they'll work as good as the trailers at E3 shown.
All they'll get are a few party games and then ignored like any other peripheral on said consoles.

Cesar said...

Well I don't think that a price cut is needed yet just a few color changes and they will get their sales up again, even if it is just for a little while and when they do cut the price they will sell loads more than the other consoles.

Anonymous said...

sony and micrsoft catching on quick

natal is just a camera and ps3 motion is just light tracking wonds they dont compare to wiimote nunchuck and wm+

your easily fooled