Friday, September 25, 2009

Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles - new video and screens

(click on screens for larger view)

All the screens shown are taken in real-time and it looks extremely good. The developer for Resident Evil 5 was from a different part of Capcom than the guys making the "Chronicles" games but they seem to have nailed it on the head as far as tech and similarity looks to RE5. I'm just waiting for that announcement from Capcom that next summer a certain Wii edition for a certain game will be coming.....


Anonymous said...

Day one purchase for me!

Anonymous said...

Latest tid bit from the games producer Jun Takeuchi:
"With the difference between hardware specs for the Wii and the PS3, porting might be hard. We currently have no plans."
Give the man a pink slip for his lack of imagination.

Anonymous said...

If I were a cocky "Next Gen" HD console and I saw those screens, I'd be getting a little nervous. I would probably be a little more humble and realize, "Wow, that Wii's a little dude, but he's a bad ass!" By the way, can we borrow your motion controlling ideas?

XidZen said...

Guys RE5 is a weak title why everyone want it on Wii?
I wanna new RE in RE4 style!
Darkside Chronicles looks very good on our white monster but Dead Space Extraction looks much better.
I just finished Extraction and its the best rail shooter on Wii.
Honestly after playing few hours I even forgot that IS a rail shooter!!
It will be hard to Capcom take the place of the leader.
Overkill is no longer leader in my opinion.
Ofcorse there are a lot of RE fans that have sentiment to RE2 and they will be enjoyed far more than Dead Space.

Anonymous said...

I agree RE5 is more "action adventure" than "horror survival", but as an RE Fan, I want a true RE game that's not on rails. I know a lot of people were wondering why the zombies in RE5 would run after you and then stop and start walking slowly towards you. Also, Some of my FPS buddies were like, "WTF? You can't run and shoot at the same time?"
We all agree RE4 was the shit! And that was on GC hardware. We need a worthy follow-up! I dunno, maybe Wii Fans can get the Director's Cut. I heard they're changing it up.

Cesar said...

I agree with rikasiu why does anybody want RE 5 on wii,it was garbage. I would much rather have a brand new RE game for wii OR a remake of a classic game Like RE 1,2,3 but with RE 4 controls.

Anonymous said...

RE6 is coming early 2011 on wii

Anonymous said...

yeah RE5 was a let down Wii can kick way more ass if people just try. but hopfully the upgrade thats supposed to happen will make it easer for others . but this on rails looks like awsome buy ima get it asap just to see the final outcome

Biohazard said...

"With the difference between hardware specs for the Wii and the PS3, porting might be hard. We currently have no plans."

They don't even need to port the MT Framework engine (which is what Resident Evil 5 is powered by). All they need to do is either build a new engine, use the Resident Evil 4 engine, or use the all-new one seen in The Darkside Chronicles, if Capcom wants to make a quick buck on the Wii.

Anonymous said...

Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space Extraction finally shows what a Wii specific game engine can truly do. These two games in particular have raised the bar on the Wii. I am currently playing through Extraction and you almost forget it's on rails.
Darkside also seems to be treading on similar territory (i.e. shaky cam, visible partners that seem to interact, etc.) as opposed to a straight ahead lightgun game on rails.
I'm sure CAPCOM is working on an evolved RE4 Engine...or better yet, they already have their "A" team working on a Wii specific engine that will blow us away!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I understand when a game is "on rails" it is easier to polish up the graphics and push the hardware because the camera is locked. Hence, both Darkside Chronicles and Dead Space Extraction look phenomenal. Having said that, imagine a reboot of RE5 (Bring back horror elements, add additional missions, etc.) exclusively for the Wii. Since it would be an engine just for the Wii, we would be able to get our own alternate/Director's Cut. Here's what I'm thinking. It would let CAPCOM fix some of the complaints of RE5.

CAPCOM would be able to:
1. Allow some hoards of zombies to continue running toward you as opposed to stopping and
then walking towards you.(Ala L4D)
2. You would be able to run AND shoot at the same time.
3. No forced co-op.
4. Graphics/visuals somewhere between RE4 and Darkside Chronicles.

I think I would rather have our own version of RE5 than a straight copy of what just came out. Look what CAPCOM's doing for the PS3 "motion controller" version. Give us RE5.5 or just bust out RE6 for all three consoles. Everyone knows the Wii caught the industry off guard. Everyone banked on either the PS3 or 360 to be the top seller. (CAPCOM had their MT engine ready to go - which unfortunately didn't include the Wii.) Instead of some kick ass 3rd party launches, we're just now seeing what the Wii can do. (Sigh!)