Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nintendo releases system menu 4.2 - don't update unless you want Homebrew killed

Nintendo released a system update for the Wii today for system menu 4.2 that kills the Homebrew channel and all it's friends. What this does is:

  • Deletes most homebrew.
  • Now uses IOS70. (No Preloader due to that)
  • Wii Shop Channel updated. Use WiiSCU to update the shop channel.
  • Most of the IOS's have been updated or stubbed.
  • Updates your boot2 to boot2v4 (what LU64+'s have). (That means no downgrading of any IOS, and due to that, you can't revert back to your old System Menu. So BootMii as boot2 installed is removed.)
So if you want to keep all the neat Homebrew stuff you've obtained over the last few years, I highly recommend you don't update your Wii until there is a work around. This is probably the strongest attempt by Nintendo to get rid of Homebrew since it was released.

1 comment:

XidZen said...

Thanks for warning!
My Wii still have 3.2E firmware and everything works fine.