Friday, September 18, 2009

Dead Space: Extraction - new gameplay video

This game is looking very interactive with the gameplay. It's strange that developers are taking the light-gun shooter method to a new extreme by making these games more like interactive movies. I'd still prefer controlling my character but even in those games there are still scripted events.


Anonymous said...

i agree there are games like silenhill SM,RE4,ect prove this game can be done in 3rd person with the same graphics if not with better graphics i really am stating to like this game alot i was buying REDC no matter what the game is looking better than RE4/RE5 wow lots of good games on the horizon

predator said...

I'am going to get this game but I still think EA would have made more money if the game was in a third person view. I mean it would have ass raped Darkside Chronicles but the way I see it now is Darkside Chronicles is the better looking and playing out of the two.

Anonymous said...

No sale. I can catch this all on Youtube, horror requires free movement and Peter Jacksons King Kong game from four years ago did great being a cinematic FPS.