Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Project Q (WiiWare) - gameplay video

This game is called "Project Q" for the simple reason that the developer doesn't have a real name yet. The game is supposed to take place in a post apocalyptic world where you play as a young girl stuck looking for pieces of a teleporter that she needs to use(for reasons hidden for now). Jumping from platform to platform and how you get there will be more and more complex as you progress. This game will apparently be available for WiiWare sometime in 2010.


Travis Hendricks said...

This game is very intriguing to me. Especially since the game looks very reminiscent of Super Metroid without guns. Or maybe it has guns who knows.

Anonymous said...

metaldave...call of duty modern warfare 1 announced for wii!
release date 10th november!!
serious! check it out and post it up!