Friday, August 07, 2009

Madden NFL 10 - new video

I'm not very excited with what EA has done to the Madden franchise on Wii. The game doesn't really look like Madden to me anymore and all because of the visual style. I guess the game looks ok........kinda?

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Anonymous said...

ITS EA there trolling the wii pretending to support it

there gimping there sports games on wii and gimping the sports game graphics

then they do good graphics on dead space but gimp it on rails

everything EA do on wii gets gimped in some way or another yet this doesnt happen on ps3 x360

its clear EA are not supporting wii really there just doing cheap deved games for cheap assed profit

theres no reason to gimp wii games at all pes 08/09 isnt control gimped its enhanced its true core gamer next gen football and pes 2010 on wii there promasing good graphics

EA are treating wii as a mom and pop interactive box not a games console there idiots

dead space on wii should have better deeper gameplay than ps3 x360 not the other way round

madden looks god dam stupid