Thursday, July 16, 2009

Spyborgs - new videos

This game looks so clean and polished. You what this kinda reminds me of? The cancelled Wii game Project Hammer with those enemies with the robotic arms. Looks great.


Anonymous said...

guys the conduit sales figures are very poor:
70,000 in 9 days
doesnt sound bad?
compare it to SSBB 250,000! ON LAUNCH DAY!
i know its a new iP but still despite sega claiming promising first week sales, face the fact people the conduit has sold poorly. Keep in mind the visuals and online multiplayer that was hyped up to the max.


Anonymous said...

face the fact cod4/5 ds sold 60k first week yet now sit at over half a million sales and still going. face the fact cod waw sold utterly low on wii first month yet now has sold around 2 million copys and has a online community of over half a million..week one tell me it flopped at 100k after 3 months on sale CHART FANBOY

Anonymous said...

You can't exactly compare a new Wii FPS IP with an established franchise that features characters of Nintendo's established franchised. Between it's actually sold 174,900 units in two weeks.

Lord Dani