Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Grinder - new videos

I vote this game as the "is that really running on Wii?" candidate. This game has all the next-gen graphical effects and what not you could imagine....and still we need to wait over a year to own it.


Anonymous said...

all ready looking better than conduit but conduit is still very good players are loving the conduit but wow 9 weeks of dev time and the grinder looks like a 360 title graphics wise this is right up there with the top FPS games L4Dead,Halo3,KIllzone ps3,ect wow wow MH3,Dead Space,RE DC,Cursed mountain,ect plus many more all look next gen the wii got there in the end and its gonna be better than ever

Travis Hendricks said...

Considering how good the Conduit looks this game will be far superior graphically. The Conduit was simply the starting point to develop their Quantum 3 engine. Now that the Conduit is out and the engine has been polished for three years they can create some incredible games.

I personally would rather they halt production on Gladiator AD and go full steam ahead on Grinder. I would rather have that game next summer than Gladiator AD in Spring and Grinder in Fall.

Anonymous said...

i just wanna see capcoms full effort on resident evil 5 for the wii.


predator said...

Just read something about Resident Evil 5 wii. It seems it is possible for the game to be made for the wii but with less flashy graphics. Although a producer from Capcom said that Darkside Chronicles has shown some amazing looking graphics, so I wouldn't be surprised if the makers of darkside chronicles made the wii version of Resident Evil 5.

Anonymous said...

the TRUE differance in graphics i.e.. the look to the human eye between true wii and ps3/x360 is slight theres no magical leap forward anymore TECH FACT,,,people wii is like 5/6 x a maxed out ps2 plus seamless loading and TRUE next gen controls ITS FAR MORE NEXT GEN IN REAL TERMS THAN X360/PS3 TO ANY SANE PERSON,,,resolution is not graphics and wiis fillrate and bandwidth for 480p is exalent and its disc system very fast at streaming data STOP CONFUSING HD WITH GRAPHICS.....scientific fact 6x increase in pixels = 2x the clarity to the human eye 1080p is 6x 480p pixel count but thats not the increase in deffinition/clarity to what the human eye sees 6xpixel increase =2x human eye clarity of the image THATS A HUMAN EYE OPTICAL FACT ITS MEDICALLY IMPOSIBLE TO AGUE AS ITS A FACT ABOUT THE HUMAN EYEBALL same goes framerate over 60 is meaningless ARE EYES
CANNOT DETECT IT stop believing HYPE.....type resolution myth/hd myth into google AND LEARN SOMETHING....wii is nowere near maxed out nor is DS as cop the recruit clearly proves WAKE UPTO 3RD PARTY LIARS