Thursday, June 11, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Wii trailer

This game doesn't look too shabby, but it is still in the rental category for me. It at the very least looks much better than the first game which was below average.


Anonymous said...

its transonic sonic gra[phics and robots NO THANKS still looks ps2ish and art is more child aimed 3d partys got it wrong again

Biohazard said...

The character models don't look too bad. They do look more detailed and shinier than the last game.

On the other hand, the environment... yeecch. It just diminishes the graphical quality by 11 right there.

Anonymous said...

This game had huge potential, all they had to do was take their PS2 Armada game engine build a few new environments like the naval fleet, university, egypt, shanghai, keep the Decepticlones or tweak them to be toys which dont appear in the movies and call it a day.
All this talk of the game being built from the ground up for Wii, built to suit the Wii audience etc it's nothing more then a excuse for cutting costs.
Being Krome they do deserve the benefit of the doubt but changing something at the expense of what works seems wasteful.