Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Conduit - new screens

New screens from the final version of the game, so take it or leave it I guess. My question is, where the heck is all the advertising that High Voltage and Sega have been promising? I've haven't seen one commercial for The Conduit yet and the game is supposed to be released next week (apparently some people have seen a commercial on South Park last night, but that's it). Not much mainstream anticipation besides whats going on the Internet. After seeing all the hype for Mad World on the net not translate into sales (not much of an ad Campaign); they better follow through on their promise and get people outside of the Internet more aware of this game.


Travis Hendricks said...

In all honesty Nintendo's best marketing for their games is the fact that the games are so high quality. Word of mouth is the absolute best marketing anyone could dream for.

So my hope is they at least do enough advertising to get the game in enough hands of people to start that. Also, the game really does have to be fun for it to warrant talking about it.

That's their best shot without spending millions of $ for commercial time and whatnot.

Next week we can all tell for ourselves if the game is worth talking about. As long as the WiiSpeak and online modes are fun I will talk about it.

Gregory Weagle said...

They have been marketing the title on the Nintendo Channel though with various videos and such.

Anonymous said...

sexy game and is a must buy