Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Conduit - menu walkthrough

Hi guys, have any of you got The Conduit yet? That Gamepro review has caused quite a bit of hate filled backlash by pretty much all hardcore Wii owners. Apparently the main part that people are having an issue with is that the reviewer (Captain dickhead) said that he thinks the control is faulty even though you can make the control anything you want. The Conduit is all about customizations.

He also said that he rushed through the Campaign and skipped cut-scenes; how can he expect people to take that serious? I sense another fired employee from another website coming.....I think any gamer out there could do a better job than that for free.

Mean while, enjoy the video of all the customizing you can do with The Conduit.


Anonymous said...

The Conduit is a solid game.
From my experience with the game so far (10-15 hours) the most honest review I've seen is the one on Gametrailers.

The online is quite good.

Anonymous said...

I don't think this game will change a damn thing, not the sales, not the tech on display, nothing.
Third parties have thus far had a free ride on the Wii operating purely on the ignorence of gamers to the true capabilities of the console and they will continue to put out half assed ports and crud efforts like Dead Space Extraction.

I picked up Overlord Dark Legend days ago hoping it would be a good tech demo too instead it looks worse then Twilight Princess due to being rushed.

I think in Overlord, with more time, we could have had a superior game where we'd have had the Overlord leading fifty minions rather then twenty, who knows maybe Climax will get a better budget for a sequel if the first sells well (though it doesnt really deserve to for the bugs).

I bet Capcom could have done a nifty Dead Rising game if they put in more of a effort like built a new engine, I'll bet they could replicate Resident Evil 5 as well. Same for Dead Space which was basically Resident Evil 4 with a Doom 3 skin.

Maybe gamers need to be informed again of how powerful Wii is and the kinds of games it can run with a updated "more powerful then we think?" article, especially now that The Conduit is in the limelight.