Monday, May 11, 2009

Need for Speed: Nitro - gameplay video

I've lost interest in the Need for Speed franchise since all the games end up being the same. The Wii version of this game at least looks nice graphically, the rest of the game will be a wait and see for me.


Anonymous said...

does look good graphically but need for speed has always been shallow and generic i don't expect it to change theres a million different generic racers do wii need another

if its online and fun just maybe i do have mario kart wii thats fulfills my race needs

Biohazard said...

There's going to be another Need for Speed game... on the Wii?

I'm kind of surprised to be honest because E.A. seems to put more effort on that other one for the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3, which is more like Gran Turismo.

This one looks like Excite Trucks with flashy cars. I'm not sure if I want this one.

chojuto said...

Looks kinda cool. Not anything super spectacular or innovative, but mildly fun.

Anonymous said...

the graphics are sharp and rival games like burnout this is how NFS should be noy a SIM RACER we have also F1 2009 only on wii,COLLIN MCRAE DIRT 2,they will do me for this year all three an ARCADE,SIM,HARDCORE RALLY