Thursday, May 14, 2009

Contra Rebirth - new screens

This game looks like the real deal to me, I can't wait to blast those aliens back to where ever they came from.....hahahaha


Travis Hendricks said...

If this game is anywhere close to as good as Contra IV then it will be awesome. I love Contra IV and still play it all the time. In fact that reminds me, I need to complete the last 6 Challenges.

Have any of you beat all those challenges in Contra IV? Sorry to sort of change the subject.

DOOM said...

This looks pretty cool. I hope they decide to put more detail into the sprites though.

Metaldave said...

Hell no, I haven't beaten all the challenges in Contra IV LOL. They are pretty damned difficult, I've beaten a lot of them but some really wear me out.

Travis Hendricks said...

It is mostly memorization but I find them to be a blast simply because I feel like I make progress on every try. Without that I would hate it.

What an awesome game that is.