Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Conduit - multiplayer videos

After hearing all the things about the Multiplayer in The Conduit, it looks like all the modes and easy of use will give the game very long legs. I can't wait to play it soon.


Travis Hendricks said...

I sure hope the Wii Speak integration in this game works well. I got one for Christmas last year and haven't really gotten to use it since then because I refused to buy Animal Crossing again. See what I did there?

Biohazard said...

The environments look way better in multiplayer than they do in single-player, which is odd. Graphics in multiplayer tend to take a hit.

Anonymous said...

graphics are meant to be tones down in multiplayer but hey who cares they havnt toned it down much if at all

Anonymous said...

it seems high voltage have gotten round friends codes by having more open system as soon as you start adding friends there friends are also able to chat

so people lets just start exchanging before long thel be a huge community of freinds and freinds of freinds

all able to chat i think all wii online games should be like this