Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Spyborgs - new screens

These are all real-time screen shots from Spyborgs in action. Nice to know that this is exclusive and that these are really what the Wii game looks like; too many times we have been fooled to think the Wii version of a game will look good only to find out that it was the 360 version being shown. It's also nice to see that Capcom woke up and completely changed the game from the original "Spyborgs" they were developing since that looked like a joke compared to this.


Anonymous said...

wow ive got to say the original spyborgs was alright looking but not no where near as amazing as this wow just goes to show there are alot of devs out there making u believe that the wii cant do next gen graphics and it can no problem now all of a sudden there are about 15-20 solid games AAA if u like coming to wii this year thank god didnt see it coming but hey not complaining either but CAPCOM did try us out with the direction of the first spyborgs and that in its self is pretty bad stuff i think its called palming us off but they woke up in the end anyway

Anonymous said...

60 frames a second also confirmed like WOW