Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Tenchu: Shadow Assassins - video review

I will be picking this one up shortly, looks very nice. Any Tenchu fans out there? I've actually never played a single Tenchu game but since this looks like it will be fun on Wii, I decided to give it a try.


Anonymous said...


Check the IGN Wii page!!

Dead Space is coming to Wii!!!!!!

Metaldave said...

Hey! I Know!


There is no need for me to post info on Dead Space since everyone already knows. Thanks to everybody that informed me about it anyway.

XidZen said...

wow im surprised that score!
Cant wait to Pal release :)
Dead Space is a solid survival horror somehow better than RE4 in my opinion. Creepy, heavy climate amaze and scares.
Most important is that Wii getting mature titles.
Indy is coming to Wii as well! LucasArts guys canceled next-gen versions. Huge bunch of crying HDfanboys complain on LA forums.
What next?Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect 2, Bioshock?
Its about time! We waited for this whole 2 years!

Travis Hendricks said...

This is one of those games, and based on the score too, that I really want but will have to hold out on until my birthday. I just bought a new Okami (for $21) and I am only about 12 hours into that. So I would hate to start a whole new game when I still have about 30 hours left.

But this is certainly a game I will be getting. It reminds me of Rogue Agent and I absolutely love that game, even though no one else does.

Anonymous said...


A good start for 3rd party games this year. Digital controls and analog aiming is a little off-putting for a 2009 Wii release...but the game looks solid.