Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sonic & The Black Knight - new trailer

That surprisingly looks really action packed and fun. What can I say, I'm actually excited for a Sonic game!


Anonymous said...

Yes! I've been waiting for a trailler of this game for awile. I saw it yesterday. It looks great. As long as the frame rate can keep up with that fast action, all should be well. The sword is looking like a much nicer game mechanic than I thought it would be. Fast slashing action with sonic, Nice!

SEGA might have finally gotten it right, keep your fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Metaldave, have you played Secret Rings? I'm interested to know what you thought of it.

(I personally, loved it btw. The pace started a little slow, but I was excitedly playing it so I didn't really notice. I leveled Sonic up enough to really feel speedy in no time at all.)

Metaldave said...

In reply to Chojuto, I thought Secret Rings was great personally. Yes it had some annoying issues here and there but it was a really good game in the end.

I wish you could have been there when I was bashing Matt Casamassina for his 6.9 review of the game on the IGN boards.He called it the best 3D Sonic game ever, but failed to explain the review score when he gave Sonic Heroes an 8.0

Here are the links to both reviews:

Make any sense?

The best part of the his review of Sonic and Secret Rings was when he started complaining about how he would be going really fast and then all of a sudden would hit a tree and stop all his speed. Actually here is the direct quote:

"For example, in a few stages, Sonic will be speeding along a spiraling mountain and he will suddenly come to a complete stop because he's crashed into an obstruction such as a fallen tree branch - which, we might add, coincidentally happens to be placed right before a major chasm. Had the camera been pulled back, there would be no need whatsoever for this branch because players could have clearly seen the approaching chasm and prepared for it. Instead of tweaking the camera, however, the developer opted for the easy way out and placed the branch right in front of Sonic's path, intentionally interrupting the flow of the game."

(I never had any of the issues with running into trees before a chasm, sounds like he just needed to learn the level better like almost ALL Sonic games, if you treat it like a racing game you won't be so frustrated)

The quote before was after he said this:

"We've played them all and Secret Rings is our favorite 3D hedgehog game to date for the reasons above. When it works, it's a lot of fun, and it doesn't hurt that it also happens to be one of the prettier games to grace Nintendo's new console. Not only does the title run in 480p and 16:9 widescreen modes, but it dishes out a variety of distinct and sometimes beautiful play environments complemented by a host of better-than-GameCube visual effects, from shimmering transparent waters to some truly gorgeous particles."

So it's their favorite 3D Sonic game to date, yet it's so messed up and flawed that it really isn't that good? I'm confused.

Anyway, to date it is MY favorite 3D Sonic game, and if some of the little issues that Rings had are fixed (I didn't like needing to go backwards in some sections, but I forgave it) in "The Black Knight" then that one will probably become my new favorite.

Anonymous said...

The game looks great, better then Secret rings in terms of graphics. Nice to see more developers putting more effect in. Hey MetalDave any news on factor 5, are they still going or what. It would be a shame if they closed down.

Metaldave said...

There has been no news on Factor 5 sadly, but a very secret rumor is saying that Nintendo may in fact be in the process buying Factor 5 as a second party. That would be a good choice since Nintendo is a cash cow right now and they are one of the only if the the only company in Video games making a lot of profit on whatever they sell.

Look out for that one in the future since Factor 5 would be a sad thing to loose.

Anonymous said...

Wow; the game looks awesome even with the gameplay prespective; so at least Sega is doing a fine job with making the game look like a winner. Now let's see if the play control is up to snuff.

Concerning Matt: The more I see his writing; the more and more I cannot stand him. He is starting to look like a paper pusher instead of a Nintendo fanboy. I think IGN should just demote him from the position; or fire him outright. He is useless now.

Concerning Factor 5: I do know Factor 5 got a lot of bad news from the fact that Brash went out of business as a publisher and that probably hurt the developers prospects for financial payoffs and what nots. I have heard from Falfelkid that Factor Five has continued work on all projects; but Falfelkid is a hit or miss when it comes to rumors so I take it with a grain of salt.

Funny how Glass Dominion or whomever the viral marketer is doesn't poison this post with his PS2/PS1 crap. Very telling of him isn't it?