Thursday, January 08, 2009

Monster Hunter 3 - Wii gameplay interview

I think this game looks amazing, the gameplay will probably take some getting used to but it appears that it will be well worth the effort.


Anonymous said...


capcon you stated ages ago it was a global game and the wiis huge user base and a strong advertising campaign in usa... DID YOU FOR GET THAT,, so stop hyping wii all know its coming west stop bs-ing us

graphically looking much better direct screen feed but gameplay/controls need that nintendo touch

did he say console to console link as in off line wifi lan

thats conduit and monster hunter 3 then


is there any lan on ps3 x360 games iv never seen it

Travis Hendricks said...

At least the interviewer stated at the end "Yes, we want it!!!"

I would have been very upset if the guy said "if the demand is high enough in the States" and the interviewer just sat there. Good for him. Even though I doubt Capcom would be dumb enough to leave a huge game like this Japan-only, it's still good to hear.

Anonymous said...

Looks awful. PS2 graphics haven't impressed me since last-generation. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

duncan full of shit sayin this is ps2 graphics the guy whants to go buy a wii and component cable and link it up to a HD tv and play a few games 42,000,000 people are and your a tramp

Anonymous said...

Lmao! (at Duncan's comment)

What's with all the fungus croping up on this website of late? All I see is blind people saying ps2 this and ps2 that.

It must be a disease.

Get treatment now!

(And yes the game is looking fantastic so far. Beautiful bloom lighting, nice detailled monsters, great epic landscapes, and interesting city artstyle.)

Anonymous said...

THE PSP VERSIONS OF MONSTER HUNTER 1/2 G are ps2 graphics how is this ps2 graphics its clearly next gen duffus

oh its not on ps3 go cry elsewhere

im sure that guys talking wifi lan local multi player thats cool i new wii was like ds and could do this

Anonymous said...

O: Split screen co-op! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

dont forget MONSTER THEATRE where the game lets u watch other people battle thats epic right there

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the viral marketers moving on from Saturn and Dreamcast and going to the popular PS2.

Funny how they are now mocking PS2 after YEARS of buying the system to play the games for it.

Oh; and PS2 also has the huge "shovelware" (Read: Crappy) libaray Wii has now. Along with the sales. Funny how that works since they whine about the lack of quality on Wii after years of ignoring the quality control Nintendo put on their games in the past. It just goes to show you that words truly mean nothing to these people.

As for MH 3; the foggy blur doesn't help me make a ruling on the actual graphical content; but then again, I like RPG's so I'm not going to complain about graphics since story and gameplay is more important to me for a RPG anyway.