Thursday, January 29, 2009

Arc Rise Fantasia - new screens

Final Fantasy yesterday and Arc Rise today, this is looking like it will be an epic game and hopefully a long RPG. The screens were taken in 480p so you are going to see jaggies and dithering when you click on them, but the Wii has never been friends with direct feed screen shots so this shouldn't surprise you. It looks great regardless.


Anonymous said...

Metaldave, you need to get yourself a 360 or PS3 because you are either blind or don't know anything about graphics.

This game looks terrible!

Metaldave said...

Why would I want a 360 or PS3? I've said before Wii/PC is the way to go.

By the way everyone, this is the same spammer that will always say something negative about Wii graphics since I've already dined about 30 of his comments, he just keeps changing his name to something else.

Anyway moving on.....

Anonymous said...

Well MetalDave I don't care if anyone thinks these screens are bad because the game isn't even finished yet.

In my opinion they look great and I will definitely buy this game because I like RPGs.