Tuesday, October 28, 2008

*Rumor* Sega is the publisher of The Conduit


If you read the above link you will see that the guys at NeoGaf seem to have stumbled upon something over at the Sega website that puts them in direct connection with The Conduit. The link to the page that Gaf provided has since been deleted by Sega.....so what connection between Sega and The Conduit have if it's not for publishing?

Thoughts? Concerns? Bitter regrets?


David said...

What does this mean for us? I'm not really familiar with Sega...

Travis Hendricks said...

I am excited if for no other reason, it's not Nintendo. I think they would have done more harm then good for this game in the marketing department. As for this game being published by SEGA and not EA or Activision, well I don't think it matters much. They had the cream of the crop in regards to their publisher and I think they went with SEGA because they gave HVS the most freedom.

You know these guys only wanted a publisher for the money to produce the games and not much else. They had the funds to complete the project, just nothing left over to print any copies and advertise.

I am excited, because now it's gonna come out for sure. Plus, there was another confirmation in the press release that WiiSpeak will be used for online gaming.

Now I can just hope there's some form of co-op gaming in the package somewhere.