Thursday, October 09, 2008

No More Heroes 2 TGS debut trailer!!!

Coming straight out of nowhere, Suda 51 debuts No More Hereos 2: Desperate Stuggle for the Wii. Set to be released in January 2010 (only a year and 3 months don't cry). No doubt the desperate stuggle has to do with Travis Touchdown trying to hold on to his number 1 ranking. Excited?!?!


Anonymous said...

MULTI PLATFORM THIS TIME WII PS3 X360, I BET YA, the jaggys in the first one were the worst iv ever seen it was so off putting i couldn't play it

Anonymous said...

I never really noticed any "jaggys" in the game, and honestly wouldn't care if they were there considering powerups were obviously pixilated.

I weep that graphics have become so important to some people that it overshadows the specific style of products like this where its supposed to look manga-like (not knocking the previous poser).