Monday, October 06, 2008

Muramasa: The Demon Blade - new screens

More side scrolling action on the Wii that looks good. Ware Land Shake It was really fun and this game is looking cool too with the animation style they are using. Muramasa is also already confirmed for coming to the United States as well; so that's even more good news.


Anonymous said...

this game looks mediocre at best.
sega really needs to call up the f zero gx dev team and make a wii game. gx looked amazing and constantly ran at 60 frames per second.
factor 5 also needs to quickly get any sort of detail about their wii game out or people will start to lose interest. anyone feel free to send me a friend request on mohh2. metaldave can you send me a friend request? search for 'wahaz'

Anonymous said...

cool there's another announced game that looks a bit sonic-ish its great looking but i cannot tell if the gameplay is 3d or 2d it looks like a 2d scrolling path but the gameplay looks 3d its in the press event video i thought this was it but it isnt...i also need to know about dynamic slash it looks great but camera angle and on screen direction arrows suggest a on rails rpg i really hope not a real time action rpg in a res evil 4 camera angle and motion controls would really rock