Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Arc Rise Fantasia - new screens

In Japan it looks like the Wii is picking up steam with RPG's. It seems like almost each month in Japan a new RPG is being announced. Now all we need is to get those games localized and bring them over to the US so we can share in the fun. Arc Rise Fantasia is an exclusive RPG for the Wii (like Tales of Symphonia and Monster Hunter 3) due out in Japan towards the Holiday season. You know that I'm really excited about this game so how about you guys? Are you really hoping this game comes over to the states?


Anonymous said...

Well personally, any game I can casually find news for I assume is coming to the US. Then again, I've been keeping tabs on Fatal Frame 4 and that still has no US release date which I find surprising.

Anonymous said...

I hope all or most of Japan's rpgs for Wii make it over to the US, cause I know we'd all like some good ones.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that in Japan; Wii is the only console system selling right now; and both DS and to a lesser extent PSP are selling better than Wii at this point (although PSP and Wii are in a dead heat week to week right now). As happy as I am with Wii as a console; I cannot help but think that it should be either beating DS or at least in a dead heat with DS instead of trying to compete against PSP. If you want RPGs; then the DS is the better system right now. Wii is good; but until it is clearly ahead of PSP; we aren't going to see a lot of RPG's on the system (although still more than PS3 and XBOX 360).