Saturday, August 16, 2008

Star Fox SNES commercial

I played the original Star Fox last night on my --- and it is still a great game even after almost 16 years after the release date. Yes the game runs at 12 frames per second and the resolution is probably lower than you could imagine, but the core game is still intact and it is fun as hell. I remember the above commercial way back in 1993 and man it really got me pumped up for the game and of course I went out and bought it very quickly. That got me thinking.....what commercials are effective these days? There hasn't been a commercial that has made me really what to go out and buy a game in years. The "Wii would like to play" campaign was nice for casual people and a neat way to show off the Wii, but other than that there hasn't been anything worth while on Wii or the other systems as far as TV ads are concerned. Any games that peaked your interest lately by the commercial alone?


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there hasnt really been anything (let alone comercials of family members giggling on the couch playing half-assed wii games) that has sparked my interest. fable 2 and fallout 3 look like theyre gonna be amazing though.