Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cursed Mountain Debut Trailer

Another Third Party hardcore Wii game? This is starting to become normal. The game looks pretty cool, but I want to see more.


Anonymous said...

in game footage wow im so glad ive got a wii these are the graphics i thought i would get with wii from start but it looks like 2009,MH3,CONDUIT,MADWORLD,REDSTEEL2,SADNESS,HOUSEOFDEAD,FACTOR5PROJECT,ECT wow cant wait even 2008,TIGERWOODS2009,SKATEIT,FIFA2009,DEADRISING,CALLOFDUTY,FATALFRAME,WIISPORTSRESORT,ECT

Anonymous said...

LOOKING COOL APART FROM PSP LOOKING RUCKSACK was looking cool untill the psp level charictor it wasnt anywere near leon in res evil 4

got mixed feelings on this game i hate developers that bang on about pushing a console to its limits because 99% of the time those saying that are covering up weak graphics lets await some more info and trailers

Travis Hendricks said...

The trailer was pretty boring, a lot longer than it needed to be, but the game does show promise. I certainly hope the main character will match the graphical prowess of the environments when the final product releases because he was ugly. Other than that, I am pretty excited about how the third-party situation is turning out on Wii.

First we have Star Wars: Force Unleashed, de Blob, Call of Duty and Bond, and Capcom is trying with Dead Rising. Then next year we have The Conduit, hopefully Red Steel not too far away, Warlords, Deadly Creatures, MadWorld, and now this game. That's not bad.

Anonymous said...

If it's as good as RE4, then it'll be gold.