Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Conduit:: GC 2008 awards trailer

This game looks fantastic; there is work to be done however on things like the poorly animated human enemies, blood animation and some of the lighting effects. Besides that The Conduit is shaping up to be the must have game of 2009 for Wii. I have no doubt that the extra development time will ensure that the above concerns will be ironed out before it's release.


chalito said...

Hi Dave, wanted to mail you this but didn't see your email on the blog.
Anyway, just saw this video on nintendowiifanboy.com ant thought you'd be interested. Take a close look at the first video, and notice the shadows on the main character as it passes under the trees. I think we haven't seen this kind of dynamic shadows on the wii yet.. looks pretty nice!

Anonymous said...

This game is looking like the "Halo for Wii" that the Wii desperately needs. I am very excited.