Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dead Rising coming to Wii

I've seen the Xbox 360 game and this for the Wii looks almost exactly the same, minus some shadows and of course the HD. Also if you notice that the control looks very similar to Resident Evil 4 on the Wii as well. All good news in my book.

So my only question is that if Capcom can get Dead Rising to run on the Wii with all those Zombies with all that detail, what is stopping them from bringing Resident Evil 5 over as well?


Anonymous said...

I hope Capcom fixes some of the problems with the A.I. Escorting survivors back to the safehouse was one of the worst experiences I had with Dead Rising.

Neither way, I'm glad and very surprised this game is heading for Wii after Capcom denied that there would ever be.

Anonymous said...

whoa where was this info obtained from? I still believe RE5 is going to come, that's the ultra top secret project.

Anonymous said...

comparing the scans to actual x360 net screen shots its looking identical to me the lack of shadows is the mag scan, the only difference will be native resolution i can remember thinking dead rising would run on wii ABOUT TIME CAPCOM

with extras arcade modes and res evil 4wii controls its going to shit on the x360 version not brand new but the next best thing hope theres a zapper arcade mode

Travis Hendricks said...

I played the 360 version of this game and the Wii screensjots do look very similar to that version. Honestly, I am very impressed. I am not a huge fan of the three day system and the saving sucked but this game is a total blast to just run around and kill things. Capcom may have very well just taken $50 from my wallet with this one.

And yeah, it really makes you wonder about RE5. The game looks to play identically to RE4 it just has better textures and a higher poly count.

Metaldave said...

I have to disagree about the shadows, if you compare the Zombie shadows show here to the 360 version they are not the same. The Wii version uses simple "blob" shadows while the 360 version uses full acurate shadows for all characters on screen. Not that I care mind you, I just want to be correct in my observations. I could care less about shadows for some Zombie that is only going to live for about 2 seconds before he gets chopped to bits. lol

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

blob shadows thats not wii thats a developer issue you implying wii doesnt do self shadowing jesus gamecube could out self shadow ps2 many times over nevermind wii ether lazyness or the fact its beta

theres clearly self shadowing all over the conduit etc

the scans show swarms of on screen zombies so no cut back there hope the wiified extras are polished up not just slapped on