Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Conduit E3 video blowout

I'm absolutely loving those control options! That might be the most comprehensive control scheme ever in a console game. PC FPS games have been doing that for a while now but the Wii remote makes for such freedom of movement & pointing that when you add the PC-like control options to the mix it just makes this game even more attractive. Speaking of that, the game is looking awesome despite it having over half a year of development time to go.


Anonymous said...

PC LIKE CONTROLS wii control beat any pc

3d mouse vs 2d mouse no motion vs 3d motion

keyboard vs nintendo sweet analog stick pc fans sorry but true only wi offers next gen gameplay and pick up controls

keyboard and mouse is dam hard to use and desk based wii is easy and you relax on a sofa wilst playing

i thought the livewire live footage on ign last night was stunning

Travis Hendricks said...

This is currently my most anticipated game. I can't wait to try out the online, the controls, WiiSpeak, and all the sweet weapons. By your "over half a year" to develop does that mean this isn't coming out until early 2009? If so there may not be any games I want coming out this year. MadWorld, The Conduit, and Dead Rising I think are all coming out sometime next year. And who knows when Fatal Frame will come out.