Friday, June 13, 2008

Alone in the Dark Wii trailer

This looks like a PS2 port with Wii controls all the way, but a decent attempt no doubt. The controls look interesting, but how many more of these type of games do Wii owners need to put up with before developers just use the Wii as the main console for development and forget about the PS2?


Anonymous said...

totally let down by its ps2 grapgics surly the wii version should be alone in dark ps2 and resident evil 4 wii edition combined not a ps2 port with extra shine on the textures its just a ps2 game those controls (if tight)look great but please those graphics are insulting
wii is like many times more powerful and capable than a ps2

Anonymous said...

There are just so many lazy developers out there doing their PS2 stunts on a wii.This is bad cause everyone now think that wii is just like PS2.