Monday, May 05, 2008

Protothea announced for WiiWare

Yet another WiiWare game, I think it is a safe bet that this service is going to rock. Now lets get Konami to put an original Castlevania game on it and we'll be set.


RED KNIGHT said...

Well ign is going to have video/screens of a new Wii/ds game i think from konami.this game could be a castlevania or elebits.i hope its the first.

Metaldave said...

*Prays for Castlevania*

Anonymous said...

Another Ubisoft port with "enhancements"
Another "no buy" from me.
Fuck Ubisoft.

Anonymous said...

If Konami does one; it won't be for a long while since the next Castlevania on Nintendo platforms is going on DS. Konami is more focused on their music simulation and sand castle building simulation for Wii Ware right now.

Travis Hendricks said...

I think the service will certainly rock. There are a few games already that are interesting me. I just wish so many weren't shmups because I don't particularly enjoy them. Too bad for Blast Works, the concept rocks.

I think the new Konami game will be Elebits, despite how that upsets me.

Anonymous said...

ubisoft please stop its getting a tad old this shovel ware

no pop for wii yet its the lead format and clearly your not backing the wii only shoveling garbage at it

this is yet another cheep cash earner by ubisoft on wii just like farcry red steel etc

they clearly do not want to innovate they just want to rip us of and treat us like idiots