Monday, April 14, 2008

Sadness still coming to the Wii

CALABASAS, Calif. (April 14, 2008) –Emergent Game Technologies announced today that the highly-anticipated psychological thriller Sadness for Wii™ is being built on the Gamebryo game development platform. The first Wii title to be presented entirely in black-and-white is in development by Poland-based game studio Nibris. Taking place prior to World War I, Sadness is a crime noir thriller with richly detailed characters and an engaging storyline.

“Without a doubt, Gamebryo is the most powerful engine available for the Wii. After getting familiar with the engine several months ago we made the decision to choose Gamebryo. Since then, our team has been working on Sadness and we are quite impressed,” said Tomasz Wisniowski, Project Manager of Nibris. “We will have quite a few graphical effects in our game, which some believe are impossible to attain on the Wii. Gamebryo helped make it possible. We are firmly convinced we made the right choice.”

“From the early stages of pre-production with Sadness, Nibris realized that they would need development technology that allowed for an extreme amount of flexibility in the creative process, which is a cornerstone of the Gamebryo framework,” said Geoffrey Selzer, CEO of Emergent. “Sadness is designed to push the bounds of Wii technically and creatively. We are thrilled to be a part of Nibris’ ground-breaking product. We’re really looking forward to playing Sadness on Wii.”

Gamebryo gives Nibris’ developers a considerable head start by implementing numerous Wii development features that do not typically come with standard SDKs. Loaded with rendering and animation tools, a Wii-specific viewer, extensive libraries and APIs to simplify pipeline integration, Gamebryo provides Wii teams everything they need to optimize and deliver visually stunning games on time and on budget.

Sadness is a horror adventure game aimed at adults with strong nerves. Players will need to confront their greatest fears and protect themselves in hopes of not getting trapped inside the main character’s nightmare. The game has eight different extreme endings each with their own premise, which are assigned to a player based on specific factors during the game. To compliment the intense gameplay, the Wii-mote and Wii Nunchuk control the main character’s hands so players feel as though they are in the psychological thriller."


I was never really expecting to see this come to the Wii, but it looks like it does actually exist. I'm excited that they are using the same engine (Gamebryo) as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and would like to see more games use this as well. We will most likely be seeing more info and screens on Sadness soon.


Anonymous said...

its supposed to be a semi interactive movie type experiance i think it might end up point and click hope not

sonic unleashed news come on guy the wii graphics confirmation yet ps3 fans still carnt take it news

Travis Hendricks said...

I still don't really know what to think about this game. Does it even exist? It's still yet to be proven. Will this game be any good? The first question needs to be answered first. Will the art be awesome? Yes, yes it will.

Metaldave said...

Having the Press Release makes it a pretty good bet that Sadness is real. However if it ever finally gets released in the Wii's lifetime remains to be seen because Sadness was talked about even before the Wii was released back in we are in 2008 and it seems like they just started making the game. My bet is a 2009 release at the earliest.

White Belt said...

The answer to all your questions: Project White Belt

Metaldave said...

Don't be another "Mr Inc" or "Seriousgamer007" please don't start a bunch of false rumors and false hope to people around here.

Anonymous said...

Wow; they still haven't given up yet? I thought Sadness was a dead duck months ago. It's the Wii's version of Duke Nukem Forever. And somehow; Sadness release is still more believable than Duke Nukem Forever. Go figure.