Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Okami Wii - first hour of the game

The style, the music, the gameplay - all beautiful. I suggest buying this game and you'll be rewarded with a rich experience you probably won't forget. Okami is supposed to be as deep as that enough reason?


Anonymous said...

so no report on sonic unleashed i carnt fathom out this blog guy his spent the last year banging on about wii graphics myths now segas sonic unleashed has proven the wii fans currect and the sony fans losers theres no mention of it at all

come on sort this shit out lets ram it down there graphics whoring necks they whored are graphics as there own now they must pay for it with constyant mocking from wii owners

oh okami yeah great ill get in in soon dont need to watch others play it ITS NOT NEWS

Travis Hendricks said...

Anonymous - you suck.

Now on to business. I definitely plan on buying Okami but I don't think I will for another few months. I have a BOOM BLOX purchase coming up in a few weeks and I am still playing Brawl like no other. Also, I need to get my hands on No More Heroes and beat that first. Good thing I'm not interested in Mario Kart Wii or I would be extremely behind on my gaming.

Metaldave said...


I've seen the Sonic Unleashed info and screens, there is no reason for me to say "I told you so" to anyone because I've already known that the Wii has been more capable ever since it was released in 2006. Also those screens were most likely not from the Wii version of the game, not because the Wii can't do the detail but because of the resolution at which they were taken. They were more likely 360 screens. Thats not saying that the Wii version doesn't look almost the same, but I need to see some actual footage of the game running on Wii hardware.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes; the game everyone thought would shock the world and outsell Twilight Princess since it was a Game of The Year honor. Sadly; it didn't happen since Okami sold 150,000 units tops. Sad; because it really was a fun game and had it's weird moments.

The good new is that the Wii version will likely outsell the PS2 version which shouldn't be too hard. The first week sales have it at almost 50,000 units. Hopefully; it can keep that up for three more weeks.

A note to that Nintendo Power reviewer: You are a marketer; not a journalist. You write for a magazine that is owned by Nintendo. So calling the PS2 version better than the Wii should be grounds for dismissal from the company. I don't care if he/she thinks that is bias. Nintendo Power is a bias magazine anyway in favor of Nintendo. If this review was in EGM or any other magazine I could live with that. However; it is not so he/she deserves the criticism he is getting. Not because he was a bad writer; but because he was a bad marketer. And it doesn't help dispel the thought from hardcore gamers that Nintendo hates them. I am just pointing that out.