Monday, March 10, 2008

Super Smash Bros. World Launches!

Nintendo's rule on Smash Brothers online map sharing is that you get 1 user created map per day to download. IGN has taken a huge step beyond that and created a site called Super Smash Brothers World that lets you upload and download as many user created levels as you want as long as you have an SD card. Great news since some of the maps that are on the site look really cool like remakes of the Nintendo 64 versions "Hyrule City" and "Saffron City". So I suggest you check it out and download/upload away!


Travis Hendricks said...

Oh man. This is awesome. I love it when gamers take the initiative and make games more enjoyable on their own. I know what I'm doing tonight.

By the way. I added your Friend Code yesterday but didn't see you accept it yet. Did I give you the wrong code?

Metaldave said...

The smash code you gave me was: 1160-9396-7545

I entered that and it is telling me that I'm still waiting to be registered. Let me know if that is the right or wrong code.

Anonymous said...

same here i see the same thing?
have you added me yet?


Metaldave said...

I re-entered you ECC so I hope it works soon. You guys both put my code in there right?

Anonymous said...

Hey I just got my connection!

My FC is 0473-7690-7218