Friday, March 28, 2008

The Sky Crawlers Wii screens

The Sky Crawlers has the best looking Airplane models yet seen on the Wii. However no Airplane title on the Wii thus far has been worth buying, will this game finally change that? It again depends on how it will control; they need to nail it or we'll end up having yet another paper weight....


Travis Hendricks said...

That does look quite gorgeous. I wonder if it looks that good on a full sized screen. I remember the last plane game, Wind Breaker or something like that, looked great in screens but not so great on screen.

Metaldave said...

I also remember Blazing Angels looking really good in screens too, but the final game looked terrible with aliasing all over the place.

Anonymous said...

THE GAME HAS GREAT VISUALS REGARDLESS OF SCREEN SIZE it makes my blood boil wen people make up excuses

it only looks good in small thumb nails thats funny iv seen both full screen blown up imagery and in game footage (you tubes wii sky crawlers interview)

about 6 seconds plus of in game footage looking very good and smooth

all screen shots are genuine in game realtime wii exclusive screenshots

stop with the lame ps3 fanboyness oh it loks good cuzz its small hmmmmmmmm

geuss what moh vangard looks shit on wii with its ps2 port over visuals wether i play at 42 inch or veiw a thumb nail online

the only reason it may look shit is the developers are lying to us but the confidance shown it seems there seeking respect for a good tital

it looks much much closer to ace combat 7 on ps3 than ace combat 5 on ps2 iv conpared it

if this game has 2x rouge sqodron 2/3 graphics then its guna look amasing

drop the wii BS about graphics please wii is fine its the biased sony suck ups that are taking the pii out of wii

iv red oh there small shots so many times over it reminds me of jelous xbox fans saying

oh res evil 4 is rendered at half 480i resolution theres no way gc can do that

wen infact it was true 480i/p resolution and 24 bit colour and accually not capable on ps2 or xbox as the ps2 port clearly shown

Anonymous said...

blazing angles was a wii shovelware game by mass shovelware publisher ubisoft

dont blame wii for fast ports of abandened ps2 ports cough blazing angels/far cry

Metaldave said...

I never blamed the Wii itself, only the developer's for continuing to make crappy software. I really do hope that this game breaks that mold.

You anonymous guys are funny....

Anonymous said...

"I really do hope that this game breaks that mold."

That and Factor 5's Wii game.