Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Factor 5's Wii Engine "does everything the PS3 does and them some"

Matt from IGN did a recent interview with Julian Eggebrecht president of Factor 5 on the Wii-k in review podcast about the new game they are developing exclusive for the Wii, here is some of the info below:

Q -- How far along in development are you?

A -- We are pretty much at a state where we are almost done with the engine. We've also worked on content quite a bit. Biggest milestone is the engine, it does everything (pretty much) the PS3 does and then some. So we're happy with that.

Q -- Something to generate hype, a hint?

A -- At least what we're working on will blow you away with the technical achievement. We hope that we can blow you away by the innovation in controls, accessibility, and new experiences. As for what property, is it a Nintendo property, Third party property, internal property, I won't comment.

Matt seemed quite impressed with Juilan's comments about the Engine being able to do everything the PS3 could, even though he was kinda skeptical with a "wait and see" comment. Like I've said before, Factor 5 knows the Wii better than anyone and they even said in a previous interview that the Wii could in fact do everything the PS3 could do but only using a different method to get there.

Julian also said that their Engine would be perfect for other Third Parties to use for their Hardcore games, so hopefully this won't be the last time we see the Wii pushed hard with graphics.

My response to Matt and Mark's defense of IGN's NMH review:

To go a little off topic, in the Wii-k in Review podcast Matt and Mark talk a little about the flak that Mark got for his 7.8 review of No More Heroes. They said that in a year or so everyone will agree that their review was the correct one since after the style and presentation wears off, you will notice all the "issues" the game has and you will realize that the game is good but not great........??? If you read my review below you will see that I don't ignore that the game has technical issues but that didn't warrant a score that was below an 8. This is a game that is so great and incredibly unique. If No More Hereos didn't have those graphical issues, I would have given it a perfect 10 out of 10 or close to it. I'm on my way to beating the game for a second time and I like it more now than I did going through it the first time. Matt's reasoning on looking back on the game in a year and thinking it wasn't that great is a comment that makes no sense because usually normal people judge games on how they like them when they play through it for the first or second time. Obviously if you hate a game the first time you play it and you play the game until you beat it, do you really think you're going to like it any better the second time you play through it? You probably wouldn't ever touch that game again and you'll try to forget about it...fast.

Video games (that are good) equate to moments of time that are enjoyable for the person playing. Those moments turn into experiences that are remembered forever and thus makes the game that you enjoyed even more special and close to your heart. No More Heroes is definitley that kind of game. A few nagging technical issues don't do very much to hurt this game in the long run and they really aren't that big of a deal!


Anonymous said...

Great news!

If more developers like Factor 5 can crank out amazing graphics, just to warrant them to say it can do everything the PS3 does, then the Wii might have a future in visual innovation.

However, I do doubt it's going to be exactly like the PlayStation 3 because of lack of HD, which helps visuals look very sharp. But, after seeing so many games with lackluster visuals, this is great news.

Anonymous said...

In response to the No More Heroes review: Welcome to the echo chamber buddy. To Matt C. anything less than a 9.5 is considered a bad game that no one should buy. Basically nothing less than near perfection. While I have yet to buy and play No More Heroes; reading the review from Matt C. indicated to me that the game seems to be worthwhile which is quite different from the score that Matt C. gave. I'm glad that you can see through this MetalDave.

My concern for No More Heroes is not the reviews; it's the sales. Suda's games rarely sell decently if at all and I have seen from some sources that No More Heroes has done better than all of Suda's titles. As long as the game makes profit than I will no longer worry and it's getting there at least.

As for Factor Five: If they can prove that Wii can do 60% of what PS3 did; then I would be happy. As much as I would love to see it do better than PS3 visuals; I don't want to see it at the expense of losing a lot of money in the process.

Anonymous said...

listen to what he says the engine does as much as ps3 and then some doesnt mean 60% it means it mimics the ps3 graphically and to say he will pass engine to other third partys is good stuff

Metaldave said...

Speaking of sales, No More Heroes as just gone over the 100k mark in the United States according to Vgchartz.com, that is a good start because Matt from IGN (he got this wrong too) said that the game would only sell about 70k.

Goes to show that just because he gets paid a lot of money for his job, doesn't mean that he's right and you shouldn't let him influence you too much. He also complains a lot.....hahaha

Travis Hendricks said...

Not to bash on Matty Boy because on the whole he's great at what he does, but he and his little friend posted some blatant Brawl spoilers on the IGN homepage last night. Luckily I saw this fact before I opened the page so I used the links off of GoNintendo to read the articles that were worth my time.

They seem to be getting a little high on their horses ever since they got their way with Galaxy as game of the year.

Anonymous said...


insane fillrate @ low tv resolution =insane effects and screen fill with no slow down

dual programmable g&l (t&l) engines gpu and cpu

16 stage shaders 8 stage textures in a single pass

huge bandwidth @ low resolution

lightning fast ram

super fast gamecentric disc drive set up no snail like bluray

i think galaxy/prime3 and smash show off wiis true abbillitys and @ 60 frames i may add

what wii need now is a 3rd party to show of wiis true abbillitys with a non nintendo art direction

@ 30 frames wii must have monsterus fillrate and sd res texture support the missile effects and smoke in prime 3 dropped my jaw its graphics l;ike that that sony /xbox fans dont see they dont play award winning masterpieces there to bizzy playing endless streams of war shooters and arcade racers on outdated control pads

who exacly is the hardcore crowd it sertenly aint the crowd bashing a d-pad on a dualshock lol ha ha or waiting for bluray to load

Anonymous said...

i have to agree with matt on the removal of points for bug issues in no more heroes but what i dont agree with is IGNs biased reviewing

bioshock and halo 2 allso had issues but there scores didnt get deducted for it they only deduct for issues on wii/ds/ps3 there biased towards x360

CLEARLY so matt yes agreed issues are point deductable but it should apply to all formats not pick and choose formats like IGN are doing

Metaldave said...

No More Heroes has some technical issues but they don't break the game and they shouldn't drag the score down so far like they let it on IGN. They also seem to be one of the only sites to let that stuff bother them so much. Mass Effect has clipping, tearing and a really choppy frame rate at times but that got a 9.4 on IGN so go figure.....

Anonymous said...

post above mii please hand in your nintendo fan badge at the desk your suspended for investigation into0 your sony fanboy like mind set GLITCHES/BUGS/PATCH REQUIRMENTS are not acceptable the whole point of being a nintendo fan is the imence QUOLITY they offer you have just stated you no nintendo fan sorry defending bugs glitches and long loading times is a thing xbox/playstation fans do STOP MAKING USE SUPERIER NINTENDO FANS LOOK LAME would you buy dvds that crash and scip or cds or watch tv thats fuzzy nooooooooooooooooooo SO WHY DEFEND UNFINISHED BUGGY SOFTWARE YOU NO NINTENDO FAN YOU MEARLY THINK YOU ARE ONE

Metaldave said...

I'm a Nintendo fan yes, but not a Nintendo freak...

No More Heroes wasn't made by Nintendo either.

Anonymous said...

i hope wii gets some good third party games after this engine is released


Anonymous said...

anonymous #1:

I did listen to what he said. You didn't get the grammar of what I said. If he can prove 60% of what he said then I would be happy. He would still be 40% false of course; but at least it would put an end to the "Wii = Gamecube/DreamCast/ Saturn" nonsense that I have heard over the past two years. And good for Factor Five if they pass it on to third parties. Weither they will know what to do considering their tunnel vision with PS2 is the question of the Wii isn't it?

MetalDave: No More Heroes has sold 140,000 unit more or less. At the rate it is going; it is going to make it's money back. Sadly; VGChartz has no real comparisons for Suda's other titles due to a lack of research even by then. (Doesn't this show how ill prepared the industry is?)....As for Matt C. I stopped caring about him the moment he wanted to force all third companies to 16:9 Progressive Scan. I ask this: Why would Nintendo want any more restrictions as it is already?!

Anonymous said...

To a poster on Nintendo's Quality Control: You are not fooling anyone; particually someone who played Final Fantasy III USA which had the infamous Relm sketch bug and enough bugs to tear your hair out in frustration; who played Lufia 2 which had a messed up maps. Heck; I have seen even Nintendo games with minor bugs on Youtube. Smash Brothers Melee Black Hole 999% anyone? Final Fantasy IV Advance had various bugs and that one is published by Nintendo.

I admit that Nintendo's hardware QC is better than the other two; but don't kid yourself. Nintendo's Quality Control is not 100% bug free. Besides; I have already stated that the Seal of Quality is nothing more than Nintendo saying: "This is a game I approve of." You don't have to be a Sony fanboy to realize this. It has been well known for YEARS now.