Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boom Blox to have 3D Head Tracking!

*Note* You cannot see the 3D effect with the angle of the camera shown on YouTube.

"Coming straight from the EA session about the development process behind Boom Blox, we thought it would be nice to inform everyone that there was a special “GDC Easter Egg” presented at the end of the session. It seems as though Head Tracking has been worked into the production of Boom Blox. Some things are unclear as to whether or not you can move around through previously recorded levels that you played through, or if they are custom built levels. The important thing is that it IS worked into the game and is available. Things needed by the player would be either LED glasses, or a wireless sensor bar, but by using just that and the controllers the same headtracking effect that we have seen in various online videos will be possible on the Wii."


That was fast I must say! Only a few months after Johnny Lee introduced 3D head tracking for the Wii, we have EA using the technique in Boom Blox. Hopefully more games that are released later this year will use this.


Travis Hendricks said...

This game is really starting to appeal to me. At first it looked like a fun little physics toy, but as I have heard more about it I have discovered this game could be a ton of fun. Anything with create-your-own level editor that uses WiiConnect24 is alright in my book.

Metaldave said...

For me, the game didn't really seem like anything special at all..just another puzzle game. But for it being the first to use this 3D technique, I'll be the first to buy it.

Anonymous said...

great physics great graphics 3d head tracking smooth wiimote play JESUS EA games your doing sum-ing of merit a long way from fifs street and need 4 chavs sorry speed

fps needs head tracking