Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fatal Frame IV revealed for Wii

A portion of IGN's preview:

"Fatal Frame has found its home on PS2 for three iterations now, and each one has had a beautiful (though very haunting) graphical presentation. As long as Suda and the gang put as much effort into Fatal Frame 4 as they did its predecessors, you'll be playing one of the best looking games on the system to date. Oh, and we shouldn't even have to mention how big of a win this is for Nintendo, as this franchise has always been a PS2 product, with Xbox joining the exclusive invite list over the last few years. It's now Wii, and from what it looks like, Wii only."


The Wii has some nice "M" rated content starting to build up with this and No More Heroes that was just released a week ago, the Wii is going to end up having enough "hardcore" to go along with the "casualcore". I'm really curious though as to how it will control; it should be really interesting to say the least.


Travis Hendricks said...

Interesting how the horror genre has never been huge on my list of favorite games, I only played about 5 hours of Silent Hill 2 on the Xbox and RE4 multiple times, but I am quite interested in this game. Maybe it's the fact that I am growing up now compared to the olden days and now these just appeal to me more.

Either way, this is a huge exclusive, if it turns out that way.

Anonymous said...

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