Monday, January 14, 2008

Factor 5 Offically Developing For Wii - True Graphics power of the Wii to finally be shown


"The maker of the hit GameCube series Rogue Squadron is back. In a phone conversation with IGN Wii this morning, company president Julian Eggebrecht confirmed that the studio is underway with at least one all-new Wii project -- and it's not a Virtual Console game. Beyond that confirmation, Eggebrecht was mum, but he did note that the new title would not simply re-use old Rogue Squadron tech; whatever it is, significantly updated or even completely new tech has been developed to help accommodate it."

The above screens are a reminder of the incredible work Factor 5 did on the Gamecube in terms of graphics. Now that they have confirmed Wii support, one can only imagine how much improved their new games will look on the Wii.

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Anonymous said...

ohhhh yes its time to show all the doubters what the wii can do!

Anonymous said...

When I find this on IGN I can belive it. Im so happy now couse I know F5 guys can push Wii graphics and performance to the other galaxy :D
If Wii have similar architecture to GC it will be much easier to them.
I would like to see another RS but other games too like 3D Turrican!

Metaldave said...

Anything that can show how bad other turd parties have been with their games on the Wii. Factor 5 will no doubt show how to get it done. They could also license their engine to other developers and thus make ALL Wii games look great graphically. Only time will tell, but this is a good start.

Anonymous said...

wii=xbox is a load of anti nintendo marketing hog wash wii is clearly a 2.5 of a cube/xbox level machine thats a hell of a lot of power/abbillitys for 480p capped rendering add to that fast loading and extreamly stable hardware add to that wiis proven physics

i think wii=xbox=BULL SHIT

Metaldave said...

I agree, anyone that just throws that statement out there knows nothing about what the Wii is capable of. Let Factor 5 show them.

Anonymous said...

turd partys mmmm mii likes that phrase.....

every single 3rd party of any level of merit can push wii its just anti nintendo polatics pro sony biased and general bullshit this industry is nown for

if any other console maker was selling as slow as ps3 it would be dropped but sony nooooooooooo turd partys are idiots they moan at nintendos profits

try making good shit turd paetys stop blaming a good developer for you being a bad one

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Factor 5 can be a partner at e3 to display the wii's graphic power.

Anonymous said...

Are these really wii pictures? What star wars game is that? Will it be shown at e3?

Anonymous said...

hi, yeh the images are from star wars: Rogue Squadren 3 for gamecube. Ive had a look at some of the pics but cant seem to find some this brilliant... So i do believe them, but i think its juts me not searching correctly :P

Dam good for gamecube, tho it is a very powerfull console, wii's slightly more powerfull so it will b nice to c what factor 5 do :D