Monday, November 19, 2007

The Wii celebrates it's one year anniversary today

Today marks the official 1 year anniversary of when the Wii was released.

Worldwide Wii sales: 13.87 Million according to vgchartz (they are more accurate than you think)

Japan sales: 3.79 Million
United States: 6.07 Million
Europe, Australia and others: 4.02 Million

In 2 months the numbers will skyrocket. We'll see just how much Nintendo can make in that time. Right now Nintendo is making almost 2 million Wii's a month, which is up from 1 million a month earlier this year. They have said that they are trying to make them as fast as they can so hopefully they can take advantage and surpass 360 early next year in the United States.


Anonymous said...

Finally; someone else who thinks VGChartz is better than the professionals. Anyhow; I should note that the sales you are quoted are for up to last week. This weeks sales end right on the last day of the first year mark so Wii (and Nintendo DS) is actually going to be well over 14 million.

Metaldave said...

Yes you are right, I was just trying to provide the most recent numbers provided. I have no doubt that 14 million has probably been reached this week by the Wii.

Travis Hendricks said...

And maybe even more impressive than those numbers is that fact that hardly any of those have been returned to Nintendo for repairs.

And yeah, VGChartz really is an accurate representation of the numbers. I love it how they always have the numbers first and then a month later the "pros" get the same results.

Anonymous said...

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