Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sonic confirmed for Smash Bros. Brawl!!! Online co-op and Explosion of Nintendo news!!!

"Smash Bros. has been delayed in Japan until January 24, 2008.
Nintendo shows a new trailer. Sonic is going to be a playable character! The trailer shows him transforming into Super Sonic.
The game will include online fights. In addition, it will have online cooperative play of some form."


Other news from the Nintendo conference in Japan:

- Square Enix announces Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land exclusive for Wiiware

-Monster Hunter 3 announced for Wii (MEGATON for Japan since the game was supposed to be coming to the PS3! LOL)

-Mario Kart Wii to include Motorbikes

-Wii Music re-confirmed

-Wiiware Pokemon Rancher

-Wiiware Dr. Mario

-Wiiware Star Soldier R

-DS demo downloads from Wii online

-"Wii recommend" games based on votes

-Fire Emblem DS announced

-New trailer for Dragon Quest IX shown

More soon!


Travis Hendricks said...

This is all incredible news. What a winter this is going to be.

And isn't there a conference today for NA?

Metaldave said...

Thats right. I'm not sure how much new things we'll hear after last night in Japan.