Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Monster Hunter 3 Wii screen and logo

(Note that the screen has been enlarged to show the level detail, the quality is not very good)

Now that looks amazing. Nice to see that Capcom has so much faith in Nintendo that they are making this for the Wii when it was previously only announced for PS3. You have to wonder now if they are even going to do the PS3 verison or not. Great news, and it looks beautiful.

*Update* The PS3 version looks like it has been canceled. Capcom as removed the game from their PS3 release list and switched the game to the Wii release list.


Anonymous said...

Have faith in Nintendo? Huh? Next to rice, Wii is the biggest thing in Japan, why would Capcom make a Wii version to their newest breakout IP?

What you should have said is it's startling how Capcom has lost faith in Sony.

Metaldave said...

Well, with the little that Capcom has shown for the Wii I stand by my "faith" comment.

PS3 is a different story.

Travis Hendricks said...

Yeah Capcom, up until this point, seems to have lost some "faith" in Nintendo since the end of the GameCube days. Yeah they still release stuff but so far it's been a port of an old game and an on-rails shooter. Not a lot of faith as far as I can see until this announcement.

Anonymous said...

You guys should do your English homework and play less Halo 3.

Faith implies there's an element of risk, like when Capcom announced the RE series would be GC exclusive. They had faith in Nintendo's little console even though the N64 was trumped by Sony. They thought it was a better machine, technically, and thought the GameCube was going to have a larger install base.

Putting MH3 on Wii is not risky, it's the right thing to do. In less than a year Wii has sold half of what Xbox and GCN sold throught their entire 5 yr. life. And in Japan PS3 hasn't even broke 2m units. The fact is Capcom can't afford to make any of their games exlcusive to PS3.

Like most devs last year, Capcom didn't see the Wii being the #1 console in Japan and the top selling console worldwide. Now that the Wii is a success, you'll see a slew of Japanese 3rd-party companies announcing titles for it.

Anonymous said...

have faith in nintendo come on what whas your first console? there's a very good chane it was a nintendo they are the most reliable company so have faith
monster hunter wiil be good no matter what console its on