Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Soul Calibur Legends screens

Very pretty and looking better all the time! Now instead of just a 5 minute preview of the game, we need extended play time to get a better idea of how good this game will be. I'm sure that will be coming soon.


Travis Hendricks said...

Just like No More Heroes, this game is looking better and better everytime I see it. And there have recently been some more favorable impressions of the gameplay too. This could turn out pretty good.

Anonymous said...

all wii games coming out soon have proved that graphics better than xbox 1 and not that far behind 360 are good enough i think that sc legends has as good graphics as sc4 easily and devs say they arnt pushing the system as far as it can go im impressed retro studios have a next gen timesplitters in the works and said they didnt push the graphics on mp3 so what is coming i tell ya some amazing games