Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Wii Firmware 3.0 also adds Keyboard support

It seems the guys over at NeoGAF have found out that you can now use your Keyboard with the Wii after the new update. This is something Nintendo failed to mention in their announcement yesterday, could it be for future online gaming or easier Internet browsing? I say all of the above and more. For now you can use a Keyboard in the Wii Shop Channel and the Wii Message board but the Internet Channel (so far) does not support them. This is great news regardless!

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Travis Hendricks said...

I just got back from out of town last night and noticed there was a digital clock on the Wii Menu not knowing that my roommate updated my Wii while I was gone. This is great news to know that keyboard support is now an option. So far, from what I can tell, I am loving the update. I especially love the News Channel update and clock on the main menu.