Friday, August 03, 2007

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Adventure mode revealed

"More than anything, Smash Bros. is a competitive action game. People have been kind enough to praise its multiplayer, but we’ve never been able to create a fully fleshed out single-player game.

This time, though, we’ve managed to create a complete side-scrolling action game. It’s storyline isn’t overwrought—it’s hastened along by a bunch of quick movies.

The Adventure mode also emphasizes character development. You’ll see many famous characters persevering under the weight of their personal histories, shouldering their unique burdens... It’s really something you won’t see anywhere else.

With so many wonderful characters appearing together, it’s like a dream action game. We’re putting tons of fighting spirit into making this game, so I hope you’re all looking forward to it.

Oh, and this is all included in the same Game Disc, so rest easy."



Travis Hendricks said...

My goodness this game is going to rock. The single player aspect was always only so-so in the past but this adventure mode seems like a serious departure. And to think that it's coming out this holiday season, or at least it better make it out this holiday season. I would get very upset if it were delayed.

But I think I remember hearing Kojima (maybe it was him) say that he played the game a few months ago and said the game could be released now and sell millions. So it should be pretty close I would imagine.

Metaldave said...

Well at E3 Reggie said Dec. 3rd of this year. Last year with Metroid Prime 3, they said "its coming this year" they never said an exact date. So I definitley think Smash Bros. is coming this year. I can't wait.

Crimszon said...

It looks amazing! I can't wait any longer!